Wire Frenzy

Wire Frenzy

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This pendant took quite a while to finish... knitting with wire is more tricky than I first thought!

I think it was worth it though ;0)

This delicate looking, gothic-inspired necklace is made with black plated wire threaded with small patterned Tibetan silver beads, along with larger (5mm) round hematite beads, one of which is suspended beneath the main body of the pendant.

I knitted the wire to nearly the length I wanted the pendant to be, then I reshaped it, making sure the beads were visible all around it. I then secured the ends of the wire so that there are no scratchy bits when it's being worn (!) and attached it to the chain using a silver plated eyepin.

The pendant measures 4cm from top to bottom. The silver plated chain measures 47cm / 18 and a half inches in length, but can be worn up to 58cm / 23 inches long by using the full length of the extender chain.

If you require alterations to the length of this necklace, please state this in the 'Order and delivery comments' box at the payment step.

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